Dominican Study Institute Istanbul

The objective of the Dominican Study - Institute

in Istanbul, is to promote cultural exchanges and knowledge about the country, its art history and archaeological heritage. We intend to implement forum or training sessions both on an academic level and to cater to a wider audience.

By taking advantage of Istanbul’s extremely rich and diverse religious environment, Dost-I aims to develop a rigorous methodology based on the comparative study of shared issues in order to promote mutual understanding among people of different faiths. This approach is applicable not only to Turkey, but also for Africa and East Asian countries, where non-Arab Muslims and Christians live together.

From its inception, in the thirteenth century, the Dominican presence in Constantinople has been an international project.

Dost-I was established in 1996 after the death of Br. Claverie, when the MO Timothy Radcliffe called for greater efforts to increase intercultural dialogue and ecumenical relations between different Churches and rites.


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