I was Honoured by the Glory of Islam

A Dominican Friar’s Conversion in Ottoman Galata

In the archives of the Sen Piyer Priory in Galata a mysterious document has been discovered. The friars thought that it might be a property certificate. The reality is a far cry from their assumptions.

The document written in Ottoman Turkish attests the conversion of a friar to Islam and documents the ensuing dispute with the other friars about the property of books (a very Dominican argument, indeed).

Vanessa de Obaldìa Phd. will give a detailed account of this intriguing document.

Konuşmacı/Speaker: Vanessa de Obaldìa (Aix-Marseille University)
Dil/Language: English – Ingilizce/Türkçe simultan çeviri
Nerede/Where: Sen Piyer Kilisesi, Galata Kulesi sk. 28, Beyoğlu
Ne Zaman/When: 4th of November/ 4 Kasım at 19.00