Christian Women in Turkey

Book Presentation

In the book “Christian Women in Turkey” are told the lives of more than fifty Christian women who lived in the territory of today’s Turkey over the centuries. It is a thought-provoking and highly informative book, but also full of some sad experiences.  Each chapter offers insights into the lives of Christian women in different periods of history. It does contain a wide-ranging and thoroughly researched account of the lives of many courageous women of faith who lived in an ever turbulent and strategic part of the world.
This book has been now published in Turkish by the Bible House/Kitab-ı Mukkades Şiketi. On this occasion 
Ros Wilkinson herself will be with us to introduce us to “Christian Women in Turkey“.

Rosamund Wilkinson is an Anglican priest. She has a master’s degree in theology and literature and spirituality. For 25 years she has lived in Turkey.


Speaker: Ros Wilkinson
Language: English with live translation in Turkish
Where: Sen Piyer Kilisesi, Galata Kulesi sk. 26, Beyoğlu
When: 21 November at 20:00



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