George Bristow

Sharing Abraham Do Muslims and Christians truly share Abraham? Is Abraham a starting point for dialogue among monotheistic faith communities? These questions have seldom been examined as thoroughly or as sensitively as they are here. Bristow rigorously analyzes biblical and qur’anic Abraham narratives and builds on the tight connection between narrative and worldview to lay …

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On the Incarnation

On the Incarnation “On the Incarnation of the Word“, the theological essay written by the great father of the Church Athanasius bishop of Alexandria (296-373 a.D.), has been translated in Turkish by Onur Yöş and published by Kitab-ı Mukkades Şirketi Yayınları in 2020. Onur Yöş will introduce us into the life of Athanasius and present …

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Latin Catholicism

Latin Catholicism in Ottoman Istanbul Property, People and Missions Vanessa R. de Obaldía (University of Mainz, DoSt-I) and Claudio Monge (DoSt-I) have edited  the book “Latin Catholicism in Ottoman Istanbul – Property, People and Missions“- The volume aims at being a contribution on a topic not widely covered yet by the academic community. İt focuses …

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