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La Misura Mediterranea Dell'umano

The Mediterranean, for centuries the meeting point of peoples, traditions and ideals, is the heart from which the unified culture, history and identity that we still recognize as a founding part of us were born. Is the memory of its ancient prosperity today destined to die out, to be debased?

Latin Catholicism in Ottoman Istanbul

Property, People and Missions

The volume aims at being a contribution on a topic not widely covered yet by the academic community. İt focuses essentially on the last two centuries of the Ottoman Empire and covers political, cultural, economical and legal aspects of the Latin Catholic presence in İstanbul.

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Les Mots pour dire Dieu

The book is divided into three parts. The first part explains how to refer to God in the Christian tradition. The second part is about how to say God in Islam. The last part considers how the words we use to describe God can become the place for a real dialogue.