Fossati review

The Fossati Brothers Journal of Swiss Archaeology and Art History This issue comprises four papers presented at the international workshop “The Fossati Brothers. Swiss Architects from Morcote to Istanbul” on October 1-2, 2021 in Istanbul. The event, promoted by the Swiss Embassy, in particular by the then Deputy Head of Mission in Ankara, Tiziano Balmelli, …

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summer hours

Timetable Please note that timetables change during the summer season!Below are the timetables valid between May 18 and December 1. Masses  Monday-Friday : 8.00 AM Saturday : 7.00 PM ⚠️ Please note that there is no Taizé prayer in July and August.


Philosophy, Science & Religion Philosophy, the natural sciences, and religion are fundamental components of every culture and human thought history. In their own way, they help man face fundamental questions about his life. Despite the differences in the methods they use and the differences in the way they perceive the world, philosophy, science and religion …

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George Bristow

Sharing Abraham Do Muslims and Christians truly share Abraham? Is Abraham a starting point for dialogue among monotheistic faith communities? These questions have seldom been examined as thoroughly or as sensitively as they are here. Bristow rigorously analyzes biblical and qur’anic Abraham narratives and builds on the tight connection between narrative and worldview to lay …

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Easter 2023

Holy week 2023 Where and when ? Palm Sunday – 1st April 2023 6:30 pm, Sen Piyer Kilisesi, Galata Kulesi sokak Maundy Thursday – 6th April 2023 Lord’s Supper 7:00 pm, Sen Piyer Kilisesi, Galata Kulesi sokak Good Friday – 7th April 2023 Reading of the Passion of the Lord 7:00 pm, Santa Maria Draperis …

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The cross 1 ) SYMBOL AND ORIGIN                       The punishment of crucifixion, of Persian origin, was adopted by the Carthaginians and the Romans. It was not inflicted on Roman citizens but reserved for slaves and non-Romans who had committed atrocious crimes, such as murder, serious theft, but also treason and rebellion, accusations …

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