La misura mediterranea dell'umano

A new book by Claudio Monge and Giuseppina De Simone

The Mediterranean, for centuries the meeting point of peoples, traditions and ideals, is the heart from which the unified culture, history and identity that we still recognize as a founding part of us were born. Is the memory of its ancient prosperity today destined to die out, to be debased? Claudio Monge and Giuseppina De Simone affirm the need to protect the diversity, which has always enriched this crossroads of cultures, through a new theological proposal. Together, they rehabilitate the “memory” of the Mediterranean not only in relation to its rich past, but choosing to orient it to practice, to the transformation of personal and social reality. Accentuating in this way the critical function of theology, they place it at the service of the human, while in constant dialogue with the epiphany of the divine. Thus, the ancient Mare nostrum from “border” again becomes “threshold,” the crossing of which makes us other.


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  1. I know Dr. Claudio Monge in person for years. He is a very serious scholar. “La Misura Mediterranea Dell’umano” is a very important contribution both to the academic literature and also to the collective memory studies.

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