St. Catherine

St. Catherine of Siena The Dominican Saints of the Church of Sen Piyer Saint Catherine (1347-1380) was born in Siena (Italy). At the age of 12, she rejected an arranged marriage because she wanted to devote herself completely to God. She wanted to join the group of blessed Dominican widows (veiled). Although the abbess of the …

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St Vincent Ferrer

St Vincent Ferrer The Dominican Saints of the Church of Sen Piyer St. Vincent Ferrer (1350-1419) was born in Valencia (Spain). He travelled all over Europe, calling tirelessly for people to renounce sin, carrying out miraculous healing and announcing the Divine Judgement. Iconography The painting shows St. Vincent healing a paralysed patient. A flame above …

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Saint Hyacinth

Saint Hyacinth The saints of the church of Sen Piyer Saint Hyacinth (1183-1257) was born in Silesia (Poland). After his religious education, he met St. Dominic in Bologna and decided to enter his religious order. He founded a monastery in Poland and a few in Kiev.. IconographyThe painting depicts the story of the rescue of …

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