Week 2

Hello everyone,
We are back with new stories to tell you! 
Our life in Istanbul is still going very well. Our missions are going great. 
Today we want to introduce you more about our mission in the library. In the convent, there are more than 50,000 books. A part of the library is under construction, so many books had to be moved. This is quite an important work. We also had to dismantle different cabinets to change their places and reorganize a space for all these books. Some of the books are old and sometimes very damaged. We have to find ways to protect them as much as possible from humidity and dust.
On the other hand, the brothers very often receive magazines that must be entered into the cataloguing system. We also have to sort out the dates of the magazines, which, with the move, are often not arranged in chronological order. 
All books are registered in a site that acts as a virtual library. Each book has a label with a reference code. We often have to reattach or redo these labels that have not survived the test of time. 
Our other missions are going really well but we’ll tell you about them next time! Don’t hesitate to follow our adventures!
Despite one month in this beautiful city, the discoveries are still numerous. We put ourselves in the idea of tasting all the specialties of Turkey: chai, coffee, doner kebab, Yeni Rakı, mayasız kolay poğaça…
In short… We are not bored and Istanbul still fascinates us as much!
See you there!
Thaïs and Marie