A little bit more about the church…

In this church, six small marble columns support the elegant cupola while two angels mount a guard of honor; one of them represents “Justice” (the Old Testament, the one who holds the sword) and the other one “God’s Love” (the one who holds the cross).

On each side of the tabernacle are marble bas-reliefs symbolizing the Eucharist: The Arch of the Alliance and the memorial of the Passion and Resurrection. At either end of the Altar table stands of almost life size, statues of Faith who holds the Cross, and of Law who points to the Ten commandments.

The Choir

Then, we have the Choir, which is covered by a blue-sky cupola, studded with golden stars (8 meters in diameter).

On the four sides one can see the portraits of four Dominican Popes:

  • Saint Pius V
  • The Blessed Innocent V
  • Benedict XIII
  • The Blessed Benedict XI

On the half cupola, above the High Altar, are paintings of Our Lady of the Rosary and at her feet Saint Dominic and Saint Catherine of Siena, (1898).

Behind the High Alter is a painting depicting the meeting of Saints Peter and Paul, the work of the Dominican Serafino Guidotti (1847).


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