Week 3

Hello everyone!
It’s been 2 months now that we are on mission in Istanbul. Here, everything is still going well despite some small adventures from which we always come out alive (don’t worry ;)).
Our various missions are going well, including gardening (punctuated by autumn), the library, computers (we are editing videos and creating/posting podcasts) … This month we also helped the brothers to renovate an apartment which is in the convent and which belongs to them.
But well, our missions of this last month do not stop there since our istanbuliote life is also punctuated by the Saint Don Bosco school of the Salesian brothers where we are “teacher” 2 days a week. Indeed, starting to know more and more our students who are just crazy and to get attached to them, we decided to organize a soccer tournament within the school mixing ages, girls / boys, morning shift / afternoon shift (finally we quickly realize that soccer is a subject of agreement where everyone finds himself there).
The Don Bosco Champions League 2022 took place on Saturday, November 12th :
8:15 am: Meeting of the organizers to prepare the arrival of the students even if some of them were already there for much longer than us, too impatient to start the day!
9am (until 11am…): Arrival of the students and distribution of the teams. During the day, there were about 80 students (well, 60 who played and 20 who were there…)!
9h30 – 12h : beginning of the first game followed by the others (30min per game). There were 6 teams of 10 players each playing 2 matches and 3 for the two finalists.
12pm : arrival of the pizzas ordered a few days before, the students couldn’t believe it and were too happy. It was a great atmosphere ! For the remaining pizzas, they took them at home for their family so it was perfect!
1pm: tidying up and then resuming the remaining games… The students were so overexcited that the referee had to crack down, 1 red card and 1 yellow card (holy referee).
Finally, a team qualified directly for the final but to determine the other finalist, it was necessary to decide between two teams… Penalties!
4pm : last game, great final ! We were all very excited, it was one of the best days of our lives!
4:30 pm: handing-over of the cup to the team 5, medals and certificates to all the teams.
The day ended like this. We had a crazy weekend and another crazy month!
That’s it for our last adventures, see you next week!
Thaïs and Marie


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